Why are my customers dropping out?

By Priyanka Prasad

Photo by Petr Macháček on Unsplash

In an entire consumer buying cycle, there are various stages, where consumers tend to drop out before making a purchase. You have a great concept, your products are great, your consumers are visiting your store, but a chunk of them are just dropping out before they make a purchase. What is wrong? What is it that is not encouraging them to commit to making that purchasing decision and at what stage did they change their mind and why?

To understand this we have to first understand a consumer’s buying cycle:

A consumer’s buying cycle typically comprises of 5 stages:

Potential customers can drop at any stage of the cycle but most business owners struggle with the 3rd stage. This is when the customer has finally visited your website, has evaluated you as a brand, and is just about to make a purchase but drops out. This can happen due to various factors, such as the requirement to sign up, filling up multiple forms, giving too many options, non-availability of personalization, asking too much work of customers to understand benefits, etc.,

Let’s understand in detail the 4 main reasons for drop-outs how can you reduce them:

In your consumer’s buying cycle, the first step to understanding the rate of drop-outs is:

Once you are aware of the reasons for these drop-outs, work towards implementing strategies and tools like Mezchip to decrease your drop-out rates and increase conversions.



Omnichannel customer support platform for online stores

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Omnichannel customer support platform for online stores