How to use Direct Messages to drive customer engagement

4 min readSep 6, 2021

Direct messages(DM’s) are probably the most under-rated tool on social media websites. We all know about driving engagements through tweeting, posting, and replying to social media content but did you know that the real engagement lies within Direct messages on these social media websites and if tapped correctly and wisely, leads can be converted to customers and customers to loyal customers.

Moving conversations from a public forum to a private fora helps you to offer a more personalised service and support, a feature which almost all small and medium businesses are missing out on. In this blog we have listed out some of the most effective ways you can use Direct messages to drive customer engagement and boost sales for your brand.

Customer Support

Social media platforms have become a vehicle for venting out displeasures by customers. As a business, the last thing you want is a displeased customer venting out his/ her dissatisfaction over a public fora, tarnishing your brand. It is in such scenarios, when direct messages can come in as your best friend not only to save your brand image but also to build a good relationship with the displeased customer.

A new feature on Twitter allows you to embed Direct message link within Tweets. When you embed this link in your tweet, you invite this customer over to your direct message to have a rather private conversation out of the public eye and resolve the issue. The added advantage of this is, the customer gets a personalised attention from you and since messages do not have a 140 character limit, you are also able to know your customer and his/her issues better.

In a few countries Twitter also offers a setting which allows you to display a “Responsive” label on your Twitter profiles and a “Provides Support” note in searches. It also allows you to place a “Message” button on your profile, making it easier for customers to send messages to you.

While such features are available on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are still working on providing similar features. Direct messaging is a great way of resolving customer issues privately, effectively and personally without having it spilled over your business and brand. Such efforts are mostly appreciated by customers and helps in creating a brand value.

With Mezchip’s all in one customer support platform you can address your customers issues across all social media handles through direct messages from a single dashboard.


As a buisness, how and to whom you send promotions and offers are important to know, because if done in a wise way, you can end up with great leads and loyal customers. However, most businesses mindlessly send dm’s with promo codes to almost everyone and every profile they encounter which is the last thing you want to do.

The smart way to go about is to first make customer profiles suited to your buisness, find such customers on social media websites as applicable your customer profile, and then send them a personalised message with a offer or a relevant promo code.

For instance if your buisness is active on Instagram, you can find your customers of your customer profile by using relevant hashtags. You can also find people through geo tags. Once you have made a list of your potential customers, you can send them a personalised message.

For example if you have an active wear brand, you can identify fitness influencers/ fitness enthusiasts[a type of customer profile] and send them the following message:

“Hey, I love your tweet showing your commitment and dedication towards being fit! We are an active wear brand and we resonate with your idea of fitness is forever and thus would love for you to check our new sports bras! Sign up and enjoy a flat 25% off by shopping your first sports bra with us! Hope to see you sign up and stay fit!”


Communication is the key for any business to thrive. Direct messaging allows business to have meaningful conversations with existing and potential customers about your product and about who you are as a brand.

You can use Direct messages (DM’s) to:

  1. Inform your customers about the launch of your upcoming product;
  2. Tell them how they can get involved in your business by writing out reviews or recommending your product,
  3. Share exclusive behind the scenes.,
  4. Participate in an exclusive contest

Such communications not only builds interpersonal relationships with customers but also creates meaningful ways to create positive and unique customer experiences that can set your business apart from the others

Other effective ways

Some other ways of creating loyal customers through direct messages can also be through:

  1. Sending personalised messages in response to those featuring your brand
  2. Sending your top engaging followers special content like “sneak peeks” of new things to come, behind the scenes etc.,
  3. Sending your customers a promo code on their birthdays
  4. Sending surprise coupon codes, etc.,

Direct messages are undoubtedly a great way to increase customer engagement. Share with us some of your creative ways your business uses Direct messages to drive customer engagement.




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