How can we help you?? Providing Great Customer Service — a priority for small businesses

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  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Text messaging
  • Social media, and
  • Self-service support, where customers can get answers on their own, irrespective of the time of the day.
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  • Customers can build their perception within seconds about a business. Particularly, when it comes to small businesses, creating the first impression is important. Using the magic words, “Please” and “Thank You” goes a long way in earning customer trust, loyalty and appreciation.
  • A “can-do attitude” helps businesses become more dependable and worthy of customer trust. It builds certainty with customers and reinstates that their decision to buy products from the company has not gone in the wrong direction. Phrases such as “I don’t know,” “I can’t,” “You have to…” reflect complacency and a laid-back approach signaling a negative attitude. Such phrases prove to be unhelpful and act as triggers for already frustrated customers.
  • Adding a personal touch by giving calls to the customers goes a long way in staying connected with the customers. Although in today’s fast-paced era, short personalized emails can be great support instead of an overloaded and lengthy email.
  • Following up and maintaining contact with clients helps customers realize their value and highlight the importance of customer experience for the business.
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  • Support agents have access to order histories, open opportunities, and shipping status.
  • Salespeople are aware when a customer requires assistance
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Omnichannel customer support platform for online stores

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Omnichannel customer support platform for online stores

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